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  • SLIDING SCALE program evaluation conducted for your organization by My Dog is My Home researchers. Per Collaborative agreements, data may be used for any purposes that will benefit your organization, including grant proposals, advertising, and informational materials. Program evaluation is a key component of identifying and promoting effective practices in co-sheltering and how to best serve people experiencing homelessness with animals.

  • Access to a library of resources including research, a list of relevant grants, and data generated by members with vetting by My Dog is My Home and the Co-Sheltering Collaborative community.

  • Linkage to grants officers at select foundations.

  • Promotion of your organization through My Dog is My Home’s video stories, newsletters, social media, and other communication channels.

  • Dialogue with fellow collaborative members to brainstorm and innovatively address co-sheltering challenges.

  • Inclusion of your voice in the development of the collaborative moving forward, using your lived experience and expertise to determine the best direction for collaborative efforts.

  • Increased visibility and credibility in this growing field. Your participation in this seminal effort to legitimize and improve co-sheltering will add value to your organization’s reputation for innovation and a proactive approaches to ending homelessness.

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