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Oct 01, 2018
Hi all, Below are some of the challenges we have been having with residents with emotional support animals. We are meeting with a local vet tomorrow to discuss additional supports but wanted to share the challenges in case anyone had any advice. Thanks! 1. Residents have not been able to clean apartment on a daily basis. Not well informed about how to properly dispose of waste and what cleaning supplies to use. 2. Excessive barking and aggression towards staff did not allow them to conduct apartment checks. 3. Looks like they might not be walking the dogs regularly. Not sure when this is considered neglect. 4. They let dogs lay on couch and mattress. 5. Dogs do not have designated place to urinate and defecate. 6. The urine and feces has been left on carpet too long causing the odor to penetrate bedroom and the hallway. 7. Carpet has been damaged. 8. Have brought in more pets without permission. 9. One of the dogs gave birth and had a puppy litter in her apartment for around 2 weeks.


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