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We envision equitable access to home for all people and all families, including those that have furry, feathered, and scaled members. It is a common experience, however, for human-animal families who find themselves in a housing crisis to be turned away from social services due to a “no pets allowed” rule. To promote an understanding that accommodating human-animal families in homeless services is both necessary and possible, the Co-Sheltering Collaborative - a national community of homeless service providers and government organizations who are actively working on the implementation of co-sheltering - has been developed to share expertise and showcase examples of innovative programs that address integrated human and animal sheltering needs.

In order to foster a paradigm shift towards equitable access to shelter and housing for people
experiencing homelessness with animals, the collaborative provides members with an opportunity to engage in dialogue, improve co-sheltering methods, and create a roadmap for making co-sheltering a part of standard practice. Members also work together to establish other collaborative goals and are given opportunities to participate in leadership roles within working groups.

The Co-Sheltering Collaborative is a project of My Dog is My Home.





  • Online collaboration platform to share resources

  • Emails and phone calls

  • Biannual newsletter that highlights emerging practices from around the country

  • Bi-monthly online sessions to showcase interesting work and to hold national
    brainstorming sessions

  • Annual meetings to share and contribute to dialogue as a full community

  • Site visits



To ensure the development of a strong foundation for the Co-Sheltering Collaborative, we are opening membership to a select few organizations on an invitation-only basis for a pilot year. The pilot year, runs from July 2018 to June 2019.